Criteria to be a Clan Elder.

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Criteria to be a Clan Elder.

Post by MorQ on Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:47 am

These are the criteria's needed to be a Clan Elder.

-you must be active in our clan chat and in here. So that our members can easily relay their concerns.

-you must be good in donating troops especially our low level members, to help them progress.

-you must respect everyone in the clan. If you want to have some "boys talk", pls. Be discreet! Lol

Level & trophy
-there's no level and trophy requirement needed.

-must be a member of our group in facebook which is "Pinoy Vengeance" and this forum since you will be managing both.

Sex Appeal
-you must have an overflowing sex appeal to be an elder! Lol.

You also need to be a member of Pinoy Vengeance for at-least a couple days/weeks.

If you have all this criteria, ask an elder to recommend you for the post or wait til a Clan Elder notice you. Goodluck ^_^.


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